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Gettysburg Diorama

By camping with us you get FREE admission to the Gettysburg Diorama and a brand new attraction the Haunted Ghost Lab!

Gettysburg Ghost Lab

Both are must see attractions! 
This package is worth $16.00 per person! 
A family of 4 save $64!!

*Groups paying the Group Rate have a modified bonus. See our rates page for details.

Horse Tours

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The National Riding Stables


The Ride Into History

Tour the Gettysburg Battlefield on horseback.  Where this country became an indivisable nation and all men were created equal.


We are the oldest horseback tour operating on The Battlefield with over 32 years of experience and tens of thousands of satisifed customers.  Our tours and rides provide constant views of the actual Battlefield.

SEE:  Union Cannon under McGilurey as they held against Confederate attacks.

SEE:  Little Round Top and Big Round Top and The Valley of Death.

SEE:  Trostle Farm - Where General Dan Sickles lost his leg.

SEE:  The Fields of the 1st Minnesota's valiant charge to hold back the Alabama tide.

SEE: Pickett's Charge Fields where the great battle came to its dramatic conclusion on Cemetary Ridge.

SEE:  The Spangler Farm and the Confederate Battle Lines.

SEE it all and much more as you ride over the ACTUAL battle sites!


We Offer: 2 - Two Hour Guided or Narrated Tours per day by a licensed battlefield guide.

We are the ONLY 2 hour tour ride that takes you from the Union Fishhook Defense line all the way across the Battlefield to the Confederate Battle lines on Seminary Ridge!  Compare for yourself.


2 Hour Tour is $80.00 Per Person*

Tour Times:

9:00 am to 11:00 am

12 Noon to 2:00 pm

SPECIAL BONUS:  FREE tickets to the Gettysburg Diorama and Gettysburg Ghost Lab!  Up to a $16.00 value PER PERSON!!!

We now offer the ALL NEW 1 Hour Historical Trail Ride.

-Enjoy a comfortable 1 hour horseback ride that includes a 1 hour narrated hisotrical tape tour of what you are seeing.  The tape is perfomed by a licensed battlefield guide. OR just turn off your receiver and relax and enjoy a beautiful horseback ride.

We are the ONLY 1 hour horse tour that brings you to the 2nd and 3rd day battle locations!

1 Hour Tour is $50.00 Per Person*

Ride Times:

3:00 pm, 5:00 pm, 7:00 pm (as daylight allows)

SPECIAL BONUS:  FREE tickets to the Gettysburg Diorama

Up to a $7.00 value PER PERSON!!!


Also available are special group tours at times that are more convenient to your schedule.  Reservations are required for special group tours.


Private Horse Tours are available with licensed guides as requested from Artillery Ridge Campground and Gettyburg Horse Park.


Our Horses are all calm seasoned horses that naturally follow the trail ride.  They are very forgiving and friendly to all inexperienced riders.


We have 1 wrangler for every 5 riders (minmum of 2) to assist, comfort, and meet the needs of our riders.  Safety is our priority.


We have the LOWEST RATES! Compare for youself!

* Prices do not include tax

There is a 15 day cancellation period which applies to all camping, box stalls, corrals and private tours reserved at our facility. If you cancel before fifteen (15) days we will refund you your deposit minus a $5.00 service fee. If you cancel less than fifteen (15) days there will be no refund of your deposit. NO EXCEPTIONS! We do not refund money for rainy weather as we are an outside venue and rain happens. THERE ARE NO CASH REFUNDS GIVEN FOR ANY REASON.